Manu Krishna

Carry Jute, paper and cloth bags.

Sunil Raj

There are no chosen ones in the world. The Divine is equally involved with an ant, an elephant, a tree, a bird, a man, a woman, a rock, a plant – with everything.

arjun anand

Choose to be Plastic Free! Make the switch to reusable bags and water bottles and purchase products with no or minimal plastic packaging.

Ajith Ramapuram

Swamiye Saranamayyappa..Lets not bring plastic items to sabarimala.Use only bio degradable items .Ayyappa Devottes please do not throw clothes in holy Pampa.Its not a party of any rituals .It ruins the holy river Pampa a lot.So avoid it.One more thing.Preserving and Protecting Nature is Worshiping GOD


To avoid the presence of plastic in Sabarimala , stop carrying plastics to Sabarimala and prohibit plastic through step by step process.

How to make Sabarimala free from plastics?

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